Program Description

The core values of our early childhood program are personal responsibility, school readiness and experimental learning opportunities.

The early childhood staff members recognize each child as having his/her own unique pattern of growth and development. Kiddie College is dedicated to establishing a positive attitude about education within each student by providing an atmosphere of love and understanding.


KC uses a theme based curriculum that is used to help a child learn through the seasons, holidays, and everyday life (i.e. getting dressed, home and transportation). The teachers incorporate colors, numbers and shapes in to the theme curriculum as well as other aspects of the day (i.e. playtime and lunch time).

Children two years and up attend chapel weekly with the First Wesleyan Church Children's Pastor. The teachers reiterate the songs and Bible stories in the classroom and incorporate it into the curriculum. 

Children are taught to have personal responsibility through life skill development. They are guided through social interactions where they learn respect for others and to have good manners. Self-care sills are taught throughout the course of the program including but not limited to the following :

  • Learning to feed themselves
  • Putting toys away
  • Proper Hand-washing
  • Toilet Training- (i.e. unbuttoning pants & flushing the toilet)
  • Turning on/off lights
  • Pouring & scooping
  • Putting on a jacket

School readiness includes the development of basic learning skills needed for future academic success. Children learn through visual, auditory and tactile experiences. Our themes are accompanied with books and music to enhance language development for children who learn through visual and auditory senses. Hands on materials are also provided for children who need kinesthetic stimulation.

Learning through play allows for the development of reasoning and logic skills. Interest areas include written and oral language, math, science, music, dramatic play, art, and physical education.

The hope is that by allowing children the opportunity to learn by doing; they will be challenged in physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of development.

Educational Objectives

Our goals are to provide an opportunity for each child to:

  • Develop self confidence
  • Work and play cooperatively
  • Develop respect for himself/herself and others
  • Develop intellectual curiosity
  • Become aware of his/her own behavior
  • Establish social relationship outside the family
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Develop physical skills
  • Develop good communication skills
  • Develop an awareness of his/her relationship with God

Multi-media may be used to engage children in learning. Teachers typically use their own discretion when choosing videos and music for their classroom based on the age range of children in care. Classes are allowed and short period of educational media (not to exceed 30 minutes per week). Children under two (2) years of age will not have visual access to media.